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Vibrator Shapes

With vibrators, lets just say the try-before-you-buy approach doesn't exist. It's up to you to use your instincts and this guide to find the vibrator that's right for you.

Before you go out there and buy that first toy perhaps you should give some thought as to what turns your crank. Do you enjoy clitoral stimulation, vaginal penetration, or both? The next part is deciding which kind of vibrator will actually fulfill your desires.

One of the more popular shapes is the egg/bullet shaped vibrator. These are vibrators shaped like, you guessed it, a bullet or an egg (with a long cord and battery pack for speed control.) While insertable, these vibes are best suited for external stimulation. Because they're not shaped like a penis, men are usually quite comfortable with their inclusion in your sex life. They do have drawbacks, however. When covered with lubricant, they are virtually impossible to hold on to and slip and slide all over the place leaving you to ponder manual stimulation.

The G-Spot variety of vibrators. These vibrators are generally 6" - 8" long and have a curved end. This curvature is meant to reach that most magic of all places, the G-Spot. The guys out there will also be interested to know that these little wonders can reach the almighty prostate when used during anal play. As far as insertable vibrators go, the G-Spot vibrators provide a completely unique sensation. They press gently on the upper wall of the vagina, a sensation that some women just adore and others just like.

Other battery vibrators are the so-called butterfly vibes. These vibrators come with straps that fit around the woman's waist and legs, holding a miniature vibrator in place on top of the clitoris. The miniature vibrator is typically housed in a plastic casing that resembles some sort of small creature from the animal kingdom. The services of butterflies, bumblebees and countless other tiny critters are enlisted in the pursuit of that elusive hands-free orgasm. These vibes have improved in quality a great deal over the years. If you're looking to invest in one of these, you should consider one of the more recent models. The newer models are smaller and deliver more powerful vibrations. If you're looking for a vibrator to wear out of the house, look into more comfortable items like vibrating panties. Butterfly vibes are usually quite uncomfortable when worn under clothing. They're also best used alone. The butterfly can present a bit of difficulty when engaging in partner sex. They often interfere with the vaginal opening making intercourse quite awkward.

The insertable vibrator. These vibrators are often confused with dildos because many of them resemble a penis. They come in all colors of the rainbow and range from slim and slender to laughably girthy. But those looking for a little of everything have found their vibrator: they can be used for direct clitoral stimulation as well as penetrative vibrations. 

Then there are those "outie" vibrators designed solely for clitoral stimulation. Long the darlings of the vibrator world, clitoral stimulations are the most popular vibrators sold today. With names like the Hitachi Magic Wand, Pocket Rocket and Water Dancer, these vibrators can be used on any erogenous zone but are not designed for vaginal or anal penetration.


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